Plot SummaryEdit

Could this be the end of Muppet craziness? Yes, of course it's true, in a fit of moral outrage, Uncle Deadly has canceled Super Spy Walter.......and replaced it with Pepe's Poetry Corner. Join Kermit The Frog and the Muppet gang in this fast paced Muppet sing-along collection where we find Walter drowning his sorrows in Gonzo's Ice Cream Diner........but can Gonzo cheer up our depressed Muppet friend and # 1 fan club member? will Uncle Deadly ever forgive Walter and give him his sketch # back? most many root bear floats can a Muppet character eat and drink right before he gets 1 of those terrible headaches?

sing yourself crazy with some of your most favorite Muppet Show songs and find the answer to the question everybody's asking: is this......the end of Muppet craziness?