Plot SummaryEdit

Kermit and the Muppet gang put on the WBF wrestling match in honor of their guest star, Dwayne Johnson.........and Scooter plans to be the wrestling coach of the show and Gonzo plans to be the announcer of the show as well......Walter tells Dwayne that he looked up on that he's known as 'The Rock'......and he should fight against Toughy the Tiger in the WBF wrestling match.

Songs and Sketch #sEdit

  • Hello Goodbye (performed by Dr. Teeth, Janice, Floyd, Zoot and Animal)
  • The Miss Susie Song (performed by Gonzo, Scooter, Bean and Rizzo)
  • Sam's Editorial Speech-Never-Always look both ways before crossing the streets
  • Swedish Chef sketch #- Warm meatloaf sandwiches
  • The Great Gonzo sketch #-Gonzo hover-boards over the recycling can
  • Veterenarian's Hospital sketch #-Scooter as the patient
  • Muppet Labs sketch #-Milkshake Blender 2000
  • Closing Musical #-She Loves You (performed by Dwayne Johnson and the Bun-Bun Brothers)

Episode 611