Plot SummaryEdit

Guest Star, Little Richard hosts a karaoke disco dance party with the Muppets Tonight gang members.

Skit HighlightsEdit

  • At the Juice Bar: Johnny and Sal are on spring cleaning duty.
  • Pepe and Seymour's Vacation Jacuzzi: Pepe and Seymour challenge 1 another in a river raft race.
  • Tales from the Vet: Dr. Phil Van Neuter tests out his latest creation, the Disco Dance Robo-Rabbit.
  • Musical #: She Loves You (sung and performed by the Muppets Tonight gang members)
  • Muppet Labs: Bunsen and Beaker demonstrate the Prehistoric Elevator Door 2000.
  • Grand Finale Musical #: Stand by Me (performed by Little Richard and the Muppets Tonight gang members)
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